Challenging Games In Lovina Beach

Hello good people, who don’t know about Lovina Beach in Bali? now Lovina has a new fun place for you to jump and fly like a bird then drop down to the deep ocean like a wild dolphin, people called it North Bali Adventure, located in Bali Bagus Beach, Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng , this is the largest sport watersport which has a big and giant balloon that cover the ocean area and you can jump in the balloon.


The watergames spot is not too far from the Lovina Beach, it’s just take for about 100 meters or it’s just 5 minutes by boat to reach the spot, you will take the boat for free, you only need to pay  Idr 300.000 for 1 and half hours and have fun in the giant balloon in the middle of the sea. It is very safe if you fall from the giant balloon or the balloon area, because there are some people or guard that stand near and surround the balloon games area and you will be wearing a life jacket which provide by the people.


Here are some exciting and super fun games you can have, When you get there you will be amazed, because there are 9 games that you can try, such as the swing, iceberg, tampoline, bouncer, torture, the twister slides, rock slides and jungle Also jungle joe. all you need to do to having fun in this giant balloon is you have to book first because it might be full, booking time start from 8.30 am until 16.oo pm.

In addition, tourists who want to travel to North Bali Adventure, you can only enjoy the rides that were there from the February to October. This happens because in November to January the situation there is already a big wave season and it would be dangerous to visitors.

Challenging Games In Lovina Beach

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