5 Mountains You Should Climb In Bali

Mount Agung 3,142 M

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung is Bali’s highest and holiest mountain as it is believed as the home of the God. Mount Agung height is 3,142 meters above sea level. It is a semi active volcano located in Kintamani district of Bangli regency. Climbing Mt. Agung with Bali local Mountain Guide will help you to discover the atmosphere of the spirituality ground and see more things up closer than just about anything else. You also can see Mount Rinjani outside of the Bali Island that is located at Lombok island. You will need 3 to 4 hours from Pasar Agung Temple starting point and 5 to 7 hours from Besakih Temple starting point.

Mount Abang 2152 M

Mount Abang is located at Bangli Regency approximately 60 kilometers from the main city of Denpasar. It’s stand 2152 meters above the sea level.You can reach the top of Abang Mount for about 2,5 hours. Mount abang is known as virgin mountain by the locals, the trek is the pilgrim to top of the high spirited atmosphere. Along the trek you’ll pass the green tropical forest that existed of hundred years. The trek become more energize as you pray at the temple during the trek to the peak. Trek start from Suter village about 03.00 am for sunrise trek, half way of your trek moderate route, and then continuously steep, zigzag and slippery trek because your trek inside of rain forest.

Mount Catur 2.096 M

Mount Catur or sometimes spelled Catu  is a mount with a height of 2.096 meters. The climb begins before dawn at 03.30 pm. It took approximately 3.5 hours to get to the top from the Bedugul access. The view from the summit, down to Lake Beratan, is simply stunning and you should give yourself enough time to enjoy this wonderful scenery. This mountain shrouded in dense tropical forest and moist soil. On the top of Catur mountain there is a temple called Pucak Mangu is still actively visited by Hindus in Bali for prayer. In Catur Mount you also can find a longtail monkey near the Mount Catur area.

Mount Lesung 1.865 M

Mount Lesung belongs to the Bedugul volcanic region to the south of Tamblingan Lake, It has a large crater at its peak, about half of the size of Mount Agung’s. With a height of 1.865 meters, Mount Lesung is a sacred Jungle mountain with some old legend temple inside the jungle there are Naga Loka Temple, Bukit Temple, and Endek Temple. Gunung Lesung is our best recommendation for who would love to climb the green jungle of Bali. Lesung Mount is not very popular with mountaineers and trekkers as it is very hard to climb. If you decide for this long trek you have to manage dense jungle to reach peak of Mount Lesung.

Mount Batur is 1,717 M

Mount Batur is 1,717 meters high above sea level, It is a semi active volcano located in Kintamani district of Bangli regency. The Kintamani area was once dominated by a massive volcano which created the 3 kilometer wide caldera now occupied by Lake Batur and the active volcano Mount Batur. It will take around 1.5 or 2 hours (depending on your fitness level) to climb the mountain. This is perfectly safe as you will be accompanied by a professional local trekking guide. Ideally, trekkers should get to the top for sunrise by 6 am, before mist and cloud obscure the view. Light breakfast with special volcanic steamed egg will be served as soon as you reach the top of the mountain.

5 Mountains You Should Climb In Bali

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