Things You Can Do At Nusa Ceningan Island

Hello gorgeous people, are you ready to start your day with a beautiful beaches around you? wake up in the morning with wonderful view is a dreams for every traveler in the world, well let us introduce you one of small island near Bali island.Ceningan is an island where you can do day trips and explore on a motorbike, even traveling from Bali. Beaches, villages and gardens are the typical things you’ll see around Nusa Lembongan islands. The people are chilled out, friendly, and far from harassing visitors.

nusa ceningan 2

Nusa Ceningan is part of 3 small Islands which located in southeast of Bali island. Geographical Ceningan island is part of the Regional District of Nusa Penida Lembongan Klungkung. The total area of Nusa Ceningan is about 300,6 hectares and there are 2 village in Nusa Ceningan Island. Nusa Ceningan is 20km away from Bali Island, Nusa Ceningan climate also dry and hot. In Nusa Ceningan island is a world away from the hassle and hectic pace of South Bali, so you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and relax your day.

And the things that you can do around Ceningan Island are:

1. Visit the Bakung Temple
Bakung Temple is the old temple which located in Nusa Ceningan Island, and if you go there you’ll be able to see cockfighting which is trademark of the Bakung Temple.

2. Surfing at Nusa Ceningan beach
Nusa Ceningan has a nice spot for you to surf and feel free to run the wave by your surfing board.

3. Swim with giant manta rays
Manta is biggest of species of rays that you can found in Nusa Ceningan island if you are lucky, and you can swim together with them.

4. Crystal bay and Gamet bay
You can swim in clear sea water and you can see a bunch of fish which live in clear water and a natural coral.

5. Cliff Jumping at Nusa Ceningan
Jumping from the highest is the one activities that popular in Nusa Ceningan and the most beautiful spot, the height of the cliff about 7-11 meters, so you can feel the sensation challenge your self.

6. Fishing at ceningan
Fishing is the interesting activities that you can do in Nusa Ceningan Island, to spend your time and enjoy the day.

7. Crossing the island by motorcycle throught the bridge
The one and only bridge in Nusa Ceningan which connect Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, this bridge can be crossed only by walk or motorcycle.

Things You Can Do At Nusa Ceningan Island

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