Padang-padang Beach For Your Next Summer Holiday.

Hallo from the South of Bali, beach is the best things to release your routines, here let us show you a beach that could make your day better. Padang-padang beach is the one and the best place for those people who seeks for a peace. Even padang-padang beach is not as big as Kuta beach or Pandawa beach or another one, but this beach is more comfortable and feel the togetherness with your friends and family.


Padang-padang beach is located in South Kuta, Pecantu, Bali the exact location is near Dreamland beach. Padang-padang beach has a nice cliff, white sands and soft which is the characteristic of this beach. This luxury beach very popular not only for local people but also for foreign. Padang-padang beach more popular when film “Eat Pray Love” and Julia Roberts as the star of that film, makes everyone who watch that movie want to come.

How to reach padang-padang beach from Ngurah Rai Internatinal Aiport, you only need 45 – 1 hours by car or motorcycle, after you arrive in padang-padang beach you also need you walk down by passing through a narrow cave which is located just below a temple of the sea god Varuna or where the temple is highly regarded, especially for the fishermen.

There are several ways to enjoy the beach, such as by simple looking from the top of the bridge and take a picture from above to get the whole panoramas, or another way to enjoy padang-padang beach is directly touch the beach and feel the softness of the sand.

The waves of padang-padang beach is well known to surfers, the beach isn’t dangerous you just need to swim a bit to the center to get a nice waves. Padang-padang beach very popular when the sunset comes and when the clould goes darker. The facilities in Padang-padang beach complete and you also can find hotels,villas near Padang-padang beach.

Padang-padang Beach For Your Next Summer Holiday.

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