First Dragon Boat Race and Festival 2016 will be Held in Bali

Hello traveler, today is great day, isn’t it? Talk about Bali, it will bring you to many awesome tourist attraction that you can find in Bali easily. Not only the tourist attraction, but any festival or events those are will be held in Bali. Now we will discuss about the interesting information for you who will come to Bali in the next day. What is the information? Let’s we check it.

Okay, for you traveler who really love the atmosphere in Bali, the great information is Bali will Bali will become the host of the International Dragon Boat Race & Festival which will be held at Batur Lake on May 26 until 29, 2016.

On Tuesday (29/3), The head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, AA Gede Yuniartha said “It’s a pride, because this is the first time this event will be held. This event is under the auspices of Association of Paddle Sports All Indonesia and International Dragon Boat Federation.

festival 2
According to Agung, the winner at each categories will be given the gift in the form of cash, a trophy, a certificate and a medal. All the rules of the competition will refer to the two organizations. He said that “For a nominal prize being prepared the organizer. We will soon hold a meeting with the relevant parties.” But there is the most important thing that gets from the event for tourism in Bali. Namely the spread of the overall foreign tourists. As is known, in the south Bali is more crowded that North, East, and West. Agung said, the data in February 2016, 760 thousand foreign tourists came to Bali.


“60 percent of all of them in South Bali, and 40 percent spread in the north, east, and west,” said Agung. He said, he was very grateful to the organizer of Dragon Boat Race & Festival. He hopes that the event can attract many foreign tourists to visit north Bali. For the accommodation, the organizer and the participant don’t be worry because a hundred of hotels is already to welcome the participants, the organizers, and the viewer who want to see this international event that is the first time will be held in Bali.

festival 4

According to Agung, “North Bali is the most ready location after South Bali.” He said that Batur Lake is the public recreation place that is equipped with several of facilities such as, jogging track, water sky, canoe, kayaking, rowboat, and many more the outdoor activities that can be done there. Batur Lake itself is the largest lake in Bali. The location of this lake is located at an altitude of 1,050 above sea level. The lake water is very natural because it comes from rainwater and seepage of water from the forests in the mountains. The surface area of the lake is about 16 Kilometers square with varied average depth of 50.8 meters. The utilization of Batur Lake more directed at the tourist attraction.

The minister of tourism, Arief Yahya assess Bali still become icon of tourism in Indonesia. It is still 40 percent of foreign tourists who entered via Bali. “Because of that Bali should be well promoted, especially for the Free Visit Visa of 169 countries, including Australia, the number one of market segment that come to Bali,” said Arief.

festival 5

First Dragon Boat Race and Festival 2016 will be Held in Bali

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