12 Interesting Tourist Attractions in South Bali

Bali Island has many interesting tourist attractions to visit, ranging from nature tourism and arts and culture attractions. For the location of tourist attraction in Bali Island are divided in five areas, namely:

– South Bali Tourist Attractions
– East Bali Tourist Attractions
– North Bali Tourist Attractions
– West Bali Tourist Attractions
– Central Bali Tourist Attractions

Today, Bali tourist attractions that will be discussed is South Bali tourist attractions because in this area there are a lot of very interesting place to be visited by tourists while enjoying a very pleasant holiday. Tourist attractions in South Bali are area of Kuta, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ungasan, Seminyak, and other areas.

There are 12 interesting tourist attractions that you can visit in the region of South Bali

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

The beach which is well known with the big waves makes surfers from around the world want to come to this beach and do surfing activities. The location of Kuta Beach is quite easy to find and very popular. Tourist attraction which is well known until foreign countries makes this South Bali region grew rapidly because supported by promotion of Kuta travel.

2. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

This place become a favorite place for tourists, especially as very romantic dinner place for tourist with his family or his couple. Tourists are also can feel the delicious seafood in the beach with surrounded by candles and torches which are located around this beach.

3. Melasti Beach

melasti beach

The beach that located in Ungasan area has a beach view that very wonderful. Tourist can see this Melasti Beach from the top of the cliff by climbing some stairs around Melasti Beach. Melasti Beach area is also still very natural, so visitors who come to this beach will get its own pleasures.

4. Tanjung Benoa Beach

tanjung benoa beach

This area besides used as a center for the largest water games in Bali, it is also as a place where they lodged for tourists who want to cross over to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Many watersport activities that can be played by tourists when visiting the beach such as, snorkeling, banana boat, parasailing, flying fish, diving, motor boats, go to the turtle island with glass bottom boat, sea walker, and many water games that can be done for spend the vacation time all day long. So tourists can visit Tanjung Benoa beach since morning.

5. Seminyak Beach

seminyak beach

This beach is very favored by tourists who love the tranquility and this beach has the luxury of its own beauty which is supported by some facilities that provided by the manager of Seminyak Beach.

6. Uluwatu Temple Tourist Attraction


One of the interesting activities in the temple that located on the cliffs is watching Kecak Dance Performance while enjoying the sunset. In accordance with existing rules in Bali, for women who are menstruation should be not too closer with the temple. But tourist can still enjoy Kecak Dance performance with the Sunset Background.

7. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park

This tourist attraction is very fantastic because tourist can see large statue of Lord Vishnu and Garuda statue. In this place, tourists also can enjoy the entertainment events from in the morning until the evening.

8. Dreamland Beach


Many tourists who love surfing come to this interesting places to do surfing activities because has a good waves and for the other tourists, they can enjoy the beach while sunbathing and cant rent an umbrella for enjoy the time during holiday in Dreamland Beach.

9. Padang-Padang Beach

padang2 beach 1

This tourism attraction is often used as a film shooting because the beauty of fishermen village in this interesting beach.

10. Balangan Beach

balangan 1

The beach that become a favorite place to enjoy the sunset on the top of cliffs it can become a romantic place for tourists who come to this awesome beach. Tourists will get the fantastic experience that will never get in the other tourist attractions.

11. Karma Kandara Beach

karma kandara beach

The favorite place to sunbathe for tourists. The location of Karma Kandara Beach is very private and it takes a special elevator leading to the beach from the resort and famous restaurant in the Ungasan region.

12. Blue Point Beach (Suluban Beach)


Blue Point is also become favorite beach for foreign tourists to surf. For visit the Blue Point Beach, tourists have to go down the stairs because it is located behind of the cliff. Tourists who come to Blue Point Beach can spent the time while enjoying the beauty of the scenery around Blue Point Beach.

12 of tourist attractions that have been explained that located in South Bali can be visited during holiday in Bali. Most of the tourist attractions in Bali are a beautiful beach that can make tourists amazed. And of course, tourists are very liked and enjoyed the holiday in Bali with very comfortable and pleasant and also tourists are also will get satisfying experience and this is different with the other tourist attractions.


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