5 Interesting Activities that Can Do During Vacation in Ubud

Bali is can be said as a Paradise Tourist Attraction, but many domestic tourists who interest with Ubud area in Bali as one of their favorite tourist destination. In Indonesia, Ubud is often used as a holiday destination for tourists who want to find the calm nature atmosphere. Same like Wae Rebo, tourist destination in Ubud is more famous for the foreign tourists until Ubud became one of film shooting location of Hollywood, Eat Pray & Love.

There are many interesting activities that can be done during spend holiday in Bali:

1. Cycling around the Paddy Fields Area

cycling 2.jpg
Cycling activities in Ubud is one of the favorite activities for tourists in Ubud. This activity is supported by Julia Robert’s cycling scene with the background of the green rice field scenery in Eat Pray & Love movie. Many Cycling package providers that complete with a guide who will invite you go around to the best cycling spots in Ubud. Tourists not only cycling go around the green rice fields, but also enter into Balinese village. This is tourists have the opportunity to interact with the friendly local people.

2. Following the Cooking Class

Cooking Together in Cooking Class - Ubud, Bali
In Ubud, tourists will not have a problem in finding places that provide cooking courses because most of the hotels in Ubud are provide cooking classes for tourists who visit the Ubud tourist attraction. Not only for adults who can participate in the event, but children can also participate. By following a cooking class for children in Ubud, children can learn while playing. Balinese culinary menus that tourists can learn in this cooking class are satay, lawar, betutu chicken, betutu duck, and also some Indonesian cuisine such as gado-gado, siomay, batagor, chicken noodle, meatball, fried rice, and many more.

3. Spur the Adrenaline with Ayung Rafting

rafting 1
Ayung River is a famous tourist attraction in Ubud as the location for rafting in Bali besides Telaga Waja River. Because Ayung River is include in the category of middle level, so rafting in Ayung River in Bali is very suitable for the beginner rafter or those who want rafting while enjoying the beautiful scenery around Ayung River.

When rafting in Ayung River, tourists will be treated the views of lush green trees, the expanse of rice fields, and beautiful hills. In the middle of the journey when rafting in Ayung River, tourists have the opportunity to see masterpieces of Balinese artists such as Ramayana relief carvings in rock cliffs.

4. See the Kecak Dance at Taman Saraswati Temple in Ubud

kecak ubud 1

When tourists visit Ubud tourist area, it is not complete if you don’t take the time to see Kecak Dance performances. Kecak is one of Balinese traditional dances. In Ubud itself there are many places that serve Kecak Fire Dance show. One of the places to see Kecak Dance that recommended is Taman Saraswati Temple in Ubud.

This temple has a lot of pools with beautiful lotus flowers. The stage of Kecak Dance performance itself is located in the middle and surrounded by a lotus pond. Kecak Dance performance in this place is held every Thursday and started at 18:00 WITA until the end.

5. See Legong Mahabharata Dance in Puri Ubud

legong 1
Besides Kecak Dance, Legong Dance is also a popular Balinese Dance. One of the places to enjoy Legong Dance performance in Ubud is Puri Saren Ubud. Special performance for Legong Mahabharata Dance only be held on Sunday, starting at 19:30 until 21:00 p.m. Besides Legong Dance, in this place is also performed another dance with different theme in every day.

5 Interesting Activities that Can Do During Vacation in Ubud

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