5 Ubud Tourist Attractions that must be Visited

If you come to Bali and spend your holiday in this Island, but you want to find the other attractions besides the beach or want to feel the experience that can make you relax and satisfied, maybe you can try to visit Ubud tourist attraction that will bring you to the rural atmosphere and make your mind fresher. There are places that you can visited when vacation in Bali especially in Ubud tourist attraction.

1. Visit to Ubud Monkey Forest

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Ubud Monkey Forest is one of famous tourist attraction in Ubud. Ubud Monkey Forest is a protected forest area where in this protected forest area there is very sacred temple for Balinese People. The location of this Ubud Monkey Forest is in Monkey Forest Street, Ubud. If tourists visit this area, they will be feel cool and fresh air that is free of the pollution, complete with the high green trees. So tourists can spend holiday with many monkeys in this place while taking many picture with them, but be careful about your belongings that you bring when you visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, such as bag, sunglasses, necklace, hat, hand phone, wallet, and other important things.

2 Trekking Day Tours

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For tourist who really love adventure and want to see Bali in a different way from the other tourist attractions in Bali in general, you can come to Bali especially Ubud tourist attraction. Tourist can choice package tour that available about adventure tours in Ubud that provides eight different tracks for all levels. The whole track is located in Ubud area and it takes about 30 minutes away by car. Then tourists will walk through the rice paddies, rivers, irrigation channels, forests, and villages. You have the opportunity to see exotic Balinese culture from different perspective.

3 Visit to Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

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Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) was founded by Agung Rai, he is a resident of Bali who has devoted his life to the preservation and development of arts and culture. In this place, tourists can see various collections of Bali master works such as I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ida Bagus Made, and others. Here, tourists is not only enjoy the beauty of the paintings, but also they has the opportunity to watch theater performances, music, and dance. In this museum there is also a bookstore and a library complete with a reading room.

4. Feel the experience of Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Campuhan Ridge Walk is a journey in the wild nature that is popular as one of the tourist attraction in Ubud, Bali. Campuhan Ridge Walk offers a journey away from the bustle of tourists so it is very suitable for you who want to enjoy relax and calm attraction sensation. Through this journey, tourists can see the interior of Bali that is purer, contemporary boutiques, and also the guesthouse typical of Bali residents. Total length of this trip is about 9 kilometers through the fertile valley of Wos River and green paddy fields, with the background of Agung Mount.

5. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

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When tourists visit Ubud area, tourists can come to Tegalalang Village. The village that offers beautiful views of rice fields has become one of the luxury resorts in Ubud area that is most popular among photographers. Rice paddies in Tegalalang are a favorite tourist attraction for International tourists. Different from the other rice fields, rice paddies in this village are shaped terraces were neatly arranged. To enjoy the green rice terraces, tourists just have to stop at one of the cafes or restaurants that available there.

5 Ubud Tourist Attractions that must be Visited

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