Explore Atlantis Underwater Life

The beauty of tourism in Bali Island, especially underwater atmosphere that very beautiful and amazing. Many tourist attraction in Bali that can attract the attention of tourists to come to Bali. One of them is Beach Tourism. Beach resort that presents the natural beauty that can make tourists want to spend for a long time on the beaches in Bali which is famous when Sunset View. There are also water sports activities that provided for tourists who love do water sport activities such as banana boat, jet ski, parasailing, flying fish, sea walker, and so on.

Besides beach tourism and water sport activities, water attractions in Bali also provide different water attractions for tourists who want to get unforgettable experiences. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the underwater in an easy way by Odyssey Submarine Bali. The location dive of Odyssey Submarine in Bali is located in the eastern part of Bali Island, precisely in Labuhan Amuk Beach, Antiga Village, Manggis, Karangasem Regency. It can be reached around 2 hours by motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Tourists will be invited to explore the vast ocean and dive beneath the ocean surface it is about 45 minutes. The submarine is designed specifically very safe for children, there is absolutely no exposed to water for all its passengers.

sub 2
With Pilot and co-Pilot of Odyssey Submarine, up to a depth of 35 meters above sea level, tourists will be invited to go around the sea to enjoy the beauty of marine life. It was a unique holiday experience, moreover if spend the holiday with family and friends because it will be fantastic moment when tourists spend their holiday in Bali.

sub 6
Its location between Goa Lawah Temple and Candidasa. This submarine itself is battery powered so it doesn’t cause negative effects to the environment and marine life. Room full with AC and only take a maximum passenger of 36 people and before boarding to the Odyssey Submarine, all passengers are weighed to make sure no overload, so when during the underwater tour, tourists will be feel comfortable. Just keep in mind in this ship doesn’t have a toilet, then tourists are encouraged to go to the toilet before boarding to the ship. The atmosphere in the ship is bright, so it can make tourists feel comfortable.

sub 11
From the shoreline, we will use or ride the boat about 3 minutes that contains about 12 people heading to the location of the submarine, after all passengers on the deck boat, then we enter and went down the stairs to the ship room. In this room, tourists will be briefed by the guide and boat crew that usually consist of three members, there are guide, pilots, and technicians.

sub 10
When exploring the ocean by using submarine, tourists will feel the sensation that would have never been found in other tourist attraction. Because by explore the ocean by this Odyssey submarine, tourists can see the beauty of the ocean that very amazing with unspoiled coral reefs and variety of fish that can be seen directly from the ship. Really a very pleasant experience and become an unforgettable experience if tourists come to Bali and enjoy this attraction to spend their holidays.

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Explore Atlantis Underwater Life

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