Sight Seeing in Seminyak Tourist Attraction with Bali Travels

What do you thing about Bali? Is Bali like Paradise Island? Why many people from the other countries really want to come to Bali and spend their holiday? What they can get from Bali? Well, Bali is wonderful island that has many tourist attractions and many people know about it. The beauty of nature, culture, tradition, ceremony, art, and anything that available in Bali make many people want to know about that. For example about ceremony in Bali which is famous such as Ngaben or Cremation Ceremony and Tooth Filling or Metatah. Bali also has tourist attraction with fantastic sunset view. Many people really love come to beach because of the view, such as Kuta Beach, Balangan Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, and do you know about Seminyak tourist attraction?

minyak 8
Seminyak is one of famous tourist attractions in Bali. Seminyak is located in the northern area of Legian. Seminyak is better known as the place to looking for a luxury private villa ranging from standard price to rent until high price, and also world class restaurants with international standard.

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Seminyak tourist attraction standard offers a very different atmosphere with the Kuta tourist attraction because Kuta is more impressed casual and relaxed, while Seminyak gives the impression of modern and formal.

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Seminyak tourist attraction also has white sand beach, as well as Legian tourist attraction. Just beach that located around the tourist area of Seminyak are quieter and calmer. Besides beach attractions, Seminyak is very suitable for tourists who like shopping, fine dining, spa, and night life because Seminyak is the center of high end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and spa. The development of tourism in Seminyak is extraordinary because Seminyak tourist attraction can be a barometer of high end tourist in Bali. Seminyak is a very different place around 15 years ago, in the past time Seminyak is a small village which lost developed compared with Kuta and Legian tourist area. In the past, there are many paddy fields in Seminyak, but now has changed into highly populated area with a wide variety of private villa.

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Most tourists, who do like Seminyak tourist attraction for the holiday, will choose to stay or look for a villa in Seminyak because the best way to sightseeing in Seminyak tourist attraction area is by foot.

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What is interesting in Seminyak tourist attraction in Bali so that should be visited?Seminyak tourist attraction area offer different things with the other tourist area of Kuta or Legian. If Legian and Kuta area is more favored by tourists who are looking for nightlife, cheaper prices for hotels, food prices are still affordable and crowded with visitors, so it is different with Seminyak tourist attraction in Bali.


Seminyak tourist attraction is preferred by tourists who are looking for a place to stay is more privacy, shopping places that offer unique merchandise and upscale, a luxury SPA treatments as well as a restaurant with five-star standards. If it can be said, Seminyak has become an elite tourist resort for foreign and domestic tourists.

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There are the names of elite restaurants in Seminyak that you can try to enjoy the meal, such as:
1. Kudeta Seminyak
2. Metis Restaurant Seminyak
3. Sarong Restaurant Seminyak
4. Warung Made Seminyak
5. Gado-Gado Restaurant

Besides that, Seminyak tourist attraction is very famous with many luxury private villas for rent. Most package tour hotel and villa rental is located in the tourist area of Seminyak. Due to the wide range of luxury facilities that offer in this area, so the attractions in Seminyak are very famous and more interesting with other attractions.

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Sight Seeing in Seminyak Tourist Attraction with Bali Travels

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